Changing the Way We Consume: Near-Field Communication and Deals

nfc mobile

Near-field communications or NFC is getting a lot of buzz these days with Apple announcing that it will be including the technology in the next iteration of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple will be setting the stage for this new technology, opening it up to users in the same way that it has popularized touchscreen devices, mobile app stores and video calling. Google is also spreading the word, with the next-generation version of its Android mobile platform bringing NFC support to future devices.

For those unfamiliar with this technology, NFC enables two compatible devices, like a smartphone and a NFC-tagged poster, talk to one another and exchange information securely. It is similar to the technology used by hotels that use electronic key cards for room access. The difference is that NFC allows for a greater bandwidth of information, thus making the process secure enough for other uses including identity verification and mobile transactions. Continue reading

Google and Facebook Diving Into Deals – Anything New?

google offers facebook deals

There’s a lot of activity going on in the deals space right now. On top of the dozens (even hundreds) of coupon sites sprouting up here and there, big players are slowly closing in to take advantage of the popularity of daily deals.

Google will soon be launching their own deals service called Google Offers. Right now, it is in the testing phase and it aims to give local businesses a direct way of offering discount coupons via Google Maps. It’s more of a local deals discovery service though since offers are more toned down compared to the usual heavily discounted coupons that group buying sites provide. You may recall that Groupon spurned the search giant’s $6 billion take over bid a while back. Continue reading